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A5 Fully Adjustable, 5 Pin Archery Sight

As one of the rising brands in precision aiming solutions, we thought it was time to bring some LUCID Optics common sense to the archery market. At Lucid Optics we all hunt. We also appreciate the ability for precision in our aiming devices. We put our heads together and asked a few tournament circuit Pro’s what they wanted to see from an Archery sight and the A5 was brought to life.

We are proud to introduce a very robust, incredibly adjustable (5) pin precision archery sight to the market with the A5. With all the A5 parts precision CNC Machined, an innovative toolless design for adjustments and ultra-fine audible and tactile click adjustments, this sight offers all the fine adjustment necessary for a zero compromise in shot placement. The A5 has a bright (5) pin set of fiber optics offering a operator settable sight picture sure to allow your sliver slinging to reach. The A5 is a whole lot of sight for the money.


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