The C3 Weapons light from LUCID Optics was born from a desire to push back against the darkness and manage things that may go bump in the night.

We overbuilt this little unit in a 6061 aluminum housing, making it waterproof and shockproof up to .458SOCOM, because we know how gentle our customers treat their gear.

This super durable and shockingly powerful torch at 300 LUMENS is guaranteed to shed light on the situation, so you can make a good decision on threat management.

Specifically designed from the ground up, for use on a carbine, under the consult of those who hunt bad guys for a living, not by a suit in a high rise building.

This low profile torch has a simple on off pressure switch function for hands free operation and a highly disorienting strobe with near seizure causing function, with a simple press and hold of the switch.

Powered by (3) AAA batteries that you can find nearly anywhere. Simple, Durable and exceeding expectations, with a run time of just over 3 hours of continual use.

Considering the high value and super affordable price point, not to mention the Lifetime Warranty, this is truly a weapons light, done right.

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C3 Weapons Light
C3 Specifications

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1 review for C3 Weapons Light

  1. Nonya

    The light fits home defense needs. Its white 300 lumens light a room well and also does a good job outside to an estimated 75 ft or more. Its probably not suited best for your tours in all of the war zones so there is that..
    But, it lights the zone you’re in with a shotguns or close quarters set up. Compared to a Surefire 6P with LED bulb, its a brighter & smaller package.

    This is a small package that can use a 3 slot of a rail. 4 or 5 slot can also work. But if its positioned on themost forward of the slots on the longer rails, this will block the battery door from opening all the way to change out batteries as others have complained of. The door issue will be present on a full rail.

    I like its simplicity. Click on & click off. If you need a momentary switch for room sweeps this may not be for you. However, If you want to turn the light on- then off…you can hack this by “clicking the button a second time”. It is an audible click but its also not a 1000 lumen beacon.

    Strobe Mode: Hold the power button down for a few seconds while its on & it goes to strobe mode. For me strobe is goofy but the option is there. It does not have a memory which is nice. So if you clicked to strobe, then off, it will turn back on normal mode.

    This is a great light and will be getting another.

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