As shooters, we expect some very specific things from our gear. Knowing how we use our gear drives the expectations and sets the stage for the design of the product. The L5 series of rifle scopes was intentionally over built and designed to offer features and performance that is not found anywhere else at this price point. We approached this product development seeking candid and detailed feedback from operators, law enforcement and military professionals as well as competitive and recreational shooters. We took all of the requests and balanced them out in a long list of our own development priorities.

The result was a purpose built optic in a stout 30mm one piece aluminum frame with all of the durability and quality that LUCID Optics has become known for. It also has a level of operator benefits and creature comforts that simply are not found anywhere else.

L5 Rifle scopes offer precise and repeatable 1/8 MOA windage and elevation adjustments on lockable and re-zeroable, tactical style turrets. The side parallax adjustment combined with the ocular diopter adjustment provides a crisp target image over the entire magnification range. The L5 Reticle is a precise MOA L5 6-24 Sidemeasuring device with 2 MOA increments below the rifle’s zero and meaningful windage values built in.

With the 4-16×44 “Cross Over” rifle scope, LUCID Optics is providing a quality solution for the hunter. This optic has all of the same over built developments and precision qualities as the bigger brother, but is offered in a magnification range that is more
suitable for the hunter.

L5 Specifications

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L5 Reticle

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L5 4x-16×44 Rifle Scope


L5 6-24×50 Rifle Scope


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  1. David Schultz

    I’m a hunter in Australia and when I first bought the L5 6-24×50 i’ll be honest I was very unsure but after using the scope it is the best scope I have ever owned. I have showed countless friends who are very keen to buy one.
    When the scope malfunctioned I sent it back and they replaced it with no dramas at all. Great staff.

  2. David Mullins

    As a precision shooter, and former Army sniper, I know the importance of quality optics. I have found that the L5 6-24×50 rifle scope is top shelf. I run this scope on all my precision rifles, and sniper systems, as well as the 4-16×44 on my hunting rifle. The clarity and durability are second to none, and the L5 reticle is crisp and easy to use. I won’t recommend any other scope for a precision rifle, or sniper platform.

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This one took a moment to get right. While listening to our customers, competitors and tactical operators alike, we achieved a crystal clear true 1x to 6x performance driven optic. With the implementation of the proven glass etched P7 reticle – this optic is ideally suited for the AR platform for use in short to medium range applications with most any caliber. Packed with a TON of well thought out features – the performance profile of this optic truly exceeded our expectations with edge-to-edge sharp, crisp image resolution through the entire magnification range. The eye relief is generous and forgiving providing a clean and expansive field of view even under less than ideal shooting positions. In close quarters the operator will enjoy a true 1x, no magnification sighting image presentation allowing the optic to be run with both eyes open increasing the situational awareness. With an ocular focus and a reticle illumination in the calming LUCID OPTICS blue, the target acquisition has never been easier in any light condition.

Built on a very durable 30mm aircraft grade one-piece tube construction, the 1-6×24 is built to take the abuse of a serious operator and ask for more.

The windage and elevation turrets offer 60MOA either side of optical center set with our easy to use lift, adjust, press down to lock design that is highly accurate and durable with re-zeroable turrets. The 1-6×24 offers an operator selectable magnification lever for fast changes to the zoom function. When you are looking for a well-rounded and full featured optic for the tactical use, look no further – the LUCID OPTICS 1-6×24 will not disappoint.


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L7 Specifications

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Over the years LUCID Optics has had several requests for a First Focal plane, Mil / Mil rifle scope. While we were growing into the rifle scope space from the red dot market,we always found fascination with the first focal plane optical engineering in rifle scopes.

So when it came time to bring an optic like this into our mix, we went to the matches and sat at the bench with competitive PRS shooters and professional bad guy hunters alike. It was in these discussions that we learned exactly what the needs of a First Focal plane optic operator may want. True to LUCID Optics ideal we balanced the “Must Have”, list of features and benefits with the “Want to Have”, list of specifications and areproud to introduce the NEW MLX Rifle scope.This precision optic was built from the ground up, offering a crystal clear 4.5-18x magnification range , built on a proven and easy to mount, 30mm, one piece, 6063 aluminum tube construction with nearly 6″ of mounting length. The optical system is set on the Front Focal plane, keeping the MLX reticle measurement aspects precisely consistant through the entire range of magnification. The NEW MLX reticle is a highly useful Mil based reticle with over 10MIL’s of measurement in “hold over” and 5 Mil’s of hold under available on the higest magnification in the field of view. The windage and elevation turrets are metered in a precise 1/10Mil tactile and audible click adjustment increments featuring a very useful “Lift, Adjust Press down to lock, Lift Higher to re-zero”, mechanisms designed for secure and precise adjustments available to meet the needs of the shot. The glass selection and lens coatings have been specifically designed to offer an exceptional high resolution image through the carefully balanced optical engineering with a 44mm objective lens providing the light gathering performance second to few.

As always here at LUCID Optics we took all of the above in product “Wants, Needs and desires,” in quality, balanced by affordability, then packed into a unique optic with a LUCID optics Lifetime Warranty. We are additionally proud of being able to offer this optic at a price that is shockingly low. The way we see it, no need to compromise on qualityand the benefit of simply having more money for ammo is all yours.

MLX Specifications

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MLX Reticle

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