Through the years we have identified a short list of common questions we get on a regular basis. In an effort to help our customers troubleshoot faster and get the answers to their question in the most efficient way, we have published some of them here. If you have questions that are outside these, or simply want to discuss our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


(Q) Where are the LUCID OPTICS products made?

(A) All of our products are designed and engineered right here in Riverton Wyoming. Some of our items are made right here at home in the U.S.A. while other items in our line suffer from the reality that in order to be able to offer them at a price point that is acceptable by the market we have them assembled in Asia.

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(Q) Why are the retail prices direct from LUCID OPTICS, on our web site higher than other on-line dealers?

(A) This is intentional, we protect our dealers and distributors by only offering our products at the MSRP. This way we are not competing with our dealers while still allowing access to the products for customers that do not have a dealer in their area. Also this policy allows access for those that wish to purchase directly from LUCID OPTICS.

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(Q) What happens if the battery fails and causes the optic to no longer function?

(A ) In a battery failure resulting in leakage or corrosion, the issue is with the battery not the optic. LUCID OPTICS can not fully warranty the product from such a failure since we have no way of controlling the quality of the batteries. In these cases we typically make every effort to get the optic cleaned up and back in function. If this process is unsuccessful, in efforts to be fair to all involved we will offer a deep discount on a replacement.

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(Q) Why does the HD7 not come with lens covers?

(A) LUCID OPTICS does not make lens caps for our optics for a few reasons. Lens caps are a strong subjective / functional fashion item for optics that it would be nearly impossible for us to do a quality job of providing them, Also, there are several issues with lens caps including patents to consider. We do however recommend Butler Creek as well as Scope Coat items. We have found that they both do an outstanding job. Some of the options we recommend are below.

Butler Creek lens caps for the HD7.
Objective – 23 OBJ (with a slight modification for the battery cap area.)
Ocular – 05 EYE
Ocular with the 2x magnifier, 03A EYE

NOTE: For the 2x-5x Variable Magnifier, 13EYE.





(Q) Why are the adjustment turrets on the (Gen II) HD7 so stiff?

(A) The adjustment turrets on the (Gen II) HD7 are designed to be stiff, in an effort to keep them from getting bumped during hard use. If you find the turrets near impossible to turn, simply wrap a soft cloth over the turret to protect the finish and use a pair of pliers to move the turret back and fourth. This will loosen up the heavy grease controlling the action of the turret. NOTE: The NEW GEN III HD7’s offer capped turrets in an effort to fix this perceived issue.

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(Q) What mount do I need to allow for proper alignment of the 2x-5x Variable Magnifier with my “Other Brand” red dot sight?

(A) It is not practical for us to keep up to date with all of the other red dot sights specifications in regards to mounting compatibilities. We can only speak to the LUCID OPTICS products properly. Please understand that LUCID OPTICS does not make mounts for our magnifiers. There are several issues with mounts including patents to consider. We recommend “American Defense Manufacturing.” They do a great job of making many types and styles of mounts.

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(Q) What does the LUCID OPTICS Limited Lifetime Warranty cover?

(A) Let’s keep it simple, basically we guarantee that LUCID OPTICS branded items will be free from manufacturer defects and hold up to the normal use. Please note that this is not a license to abuse our products and then ask for a refund. Bottom line, if there is truly a problem with the item, LUCID OPTICS will make every effort to make the situation right. As for the non-LUCID OPTICS branded items we may carry, they will be subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty.

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(Q) Why have I not heard of LUCID OPTICS until now?

(A) While the marketing efforts of LUCID OPTICS are growing, we choose to spend our efforts and money on quality control and new product development rather than on expensive advertising campaigns. We do have some traditional print advertising in place as well as some radio efforts. We also embrace the social media avenues and allow our customers to be our ambassadors in the field. With this strategy we have been able to grow quite effectively.

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(Q) Why do you not publish a list of your Dealers & Distributors?

(A) This list is rapidly and constantly evolving and growing. This would be a logistical issue keeping the list up to date and current. LUCID OPTICS sells through Distribution to many dealers, it is nearly impossible for us to keep and maintain this list. Also, some of our dealers don’t have an interest in being published or cross promoted, we completely respect their decision. We choose to let the web “Google” be the best source of finding outlets for LUCID OPTICS items, rather than publish a list that would be either incomplete or out of date continually.

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(Q) I am experiencing a Blurry reticle, is this normal?

(A) Since we introduced the HD7, LUCID OPTICS has had a number of customers reporting “Blurry Reticles” or “Reticle Ghosting” issues. In 99.999% of these cases the issue is not with the optic. However determining this can be a frustrating and detailed process. In an effort to help our customers trouble shoot this issue LUCID OPTICS has built a information and instructional reference document. Click HERE.