P7Over the years, LUCID Optics has had many requests for a 4x magnified combat optic. True to LUCID Optics fashion, we always listen to our customers. Through heavy R&D, we settled on an intricate mix of features and benefits put together in the standard LUCID Optics way, where overkill is underrated.

We gave the P7 a crystal clear 4x optical performance and a proven cast aircraft grade aluminum frame for proven durability, then wrapped it in the same chemical rubber housing as we do with the HD7. Keeping with the success we had in offering a unit with a common power source, we built the electronics of the P7 around the readily available AA power source providing up to 2500 hours of “on target” use.

The P7 offers fast targeting with a highly useful ballistic MOA measuring tape in the (P7) reticle. This reticle is specifically designed to offer the fast target acquisition necessary in a combat optic, along with highly useful MOA measuring tape, ballistic hold over information up to 80 MOA in elevation. This reticle will allow for the operator to manage any target with relative ease, near or far.

As expected, the P7 has been designed from the ground up to be a strong, reliable optic that offers the most in operator selectable features and benefits that exceed the market standards at a price that is very affordable.

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  1. Brett Rouleau

    Best scope for the price. Truly a great alternative to the ACOG

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