HD7 - BlackThe HD7 has been designed from the ground up to be a strong, reliable optic that offers the most in operator selectable features and benefits that exceed the market standards at a price that is friendly to the wallet.

• Model: HD7
• Reticle: 2MOA Base
• Waterproof, Fogproof, Shockproof (.458 SOCOM)
• Manufactured by: LUCID OPTICS CORP
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

4 reviews for HD7 (GEN IV)

  1. Sean Beasley

    I realy injoy the red dot, i have had no problems with getting on target, and with the magnifier im able to reach out to 150 – 200 yrds. no problem , im very happy with it and i plan on getting another one for my Panzer AR12 gauge.

  2. David Mullins

    I have been shooting the HD7 for a couple years now, and it quickly became one of my favorite Red Dot sights of all time. I am currently running four of these, and from 5.56 to 458 SOCOM, they hold true. I highly recommend the HD7 to everyone.

  3. Larry Witzig

    Overall really nice optic, but it has refused to turn on a few times. Only after messing with it for several minutes did it power on.

    • Brandy Self

      Please make sure you are using a good battery. We prefer lithium if they are available. Also – it is important to make sure the battery cap is put on to the point of compressing the o-ring. This allows for good contact as well as the waterproof feature. If this does not solve your problem – please contact support@lucidoptics.com to get this corrected.

  4. Tate blake

    Excellent price and a great optic with good accessories sighting it in was a blast

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HDx RightLUCID OPTICS was born in the RED DOT space. The natural and careful evolution of the popular HD7 to the NEW HDx was inevitable.  This incredibly durable, predictably overbuilt, mid sized optic is breaking new ground in the “mid sized” red dot space.

Designed with direct input from our Pro Staff. PCC competitors. the HDx is built to take the rigors of competitive hard use at an accelerated pace with a clear, wide field of view for transition between targets very quickly.

  • Model:HDx
  • Reticle: 3MOA Base
  • Waterproof, Shockproof (.458 SOCOM)
  • Manufactured by: LUCID OPTICS CORP
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

1 review for HDx

  1. Josh

    Do your sights work with any magnifies, or do you have magnification products as well?

    • Brandy Self

      We have a 2x magnifier and a 2x-5x magnifier that works with the HD7.

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Litl MO

The LUCID Optics tough, aluminum housing ensures the unit will stand up to the challenges you send it’s way. A high-quality, fully multi-coated lens ensures that the optic always provides a crisp, clean, wide field of view. Our Power Drawer, side loading battery system makes changing the battery super easy and alleviates the need to remove the Litl MO from the firearm platform when changing out the power source.

The 3MOA dot promotes easy and fast target acquisition, while providing a positive point of aim.

  • Model:LITL MO
  • Reticle: 3MOA DOT
  • Waterproof, Shockproof (.458 SOCOM)
  • Manufactured by: LUCID OPTICS CORP
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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M7 RightM7 When Size Matters

After some of the most frustrating and maybe purest forms of flattery, the previous M7 took a small break from production. As promised, we have revised the concept and finally landed on a version worthy of the LUCID OPTICS M7 name and reputation.

This well thought out Micro Red Dot Sight makes a strong contribution to the shooting community. It’s light, it’s tough and is a handsome addition to any rifle.

The M7 has the new and proven M5 reticle. This reticle geometry has been proven to shave time getting on target by over 25% as compared to a conventional dot. The M5 reticle is set in the M7 with (11) brightness settings to provide a clear reticle sight picture in bright sunlight all the way down to NVG compatible operation. With a quality battery installed, the M7 offers over 1000 hours of battery Life, making sure you enjoy the match or stay on mission without fail.

The M7’s modular mounting system allows the optic to be placed on a picatinny rail in a low (AK) setting to an (AR) Mil Spec, Lower 1/3 Co-witness height, making it very versitile for the operator in platform adaptability.

When Size matters and split seconds count, get on target with a NEW M7 from LUCID Optics.

1 review for M7

  1. David Mullins

    The M7 is a the best Micro Red Dot that I have used. The lightweight design, along with the incredible M5 reticle, make getting on target quick and easy. I have run this optic through the paces, and it holds true through the beatings. from .22lr to 458 SOCOM, the M7 is a phenomenal choice. It was instantly added to my arsenal.

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