Red Dot Sights

In the past few years the HD7 Red Dot sight from LUCID OPTICS has been battle proven and tested in the very capable hands of Law Enforcement and Military professionals. While we believe in the old adage, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” it was time to make a set of customer requested improvements to the HD7 and introduce the Generation III unit. These improvements include capped turrets, a new reticle set with more capabilities for the operator built in and the availability of a Flash Filter accessory. We also have upgraded the buttons to be more durable and the light sensor is nearly twice as sensitive as previous versions.

As with the original version of the HD7, you don’t have to compromise with the GEN III HD7. At LUCID OPTICS we recognize that no two shooting situations are ever the same. We feel your optic should be able to provide functional feature benefits to assist in most situations. The HD7 has been designed from the ground up to be a strong, reliable optic that offers the most in operator selectable features and benefits that exceed the market standards at a price that is friendly to the wallet.

The HD7 is a solid alternative to other much higher priced optics on the market today. Give the HD7 an honest look and we think you will agree.



Also Available
in TAN

MSRP: $259.99

HD7 Tan

Purchase MSRP: $249.99
Construction Objective Lens
Ocular Lens Diameter
Rubber Armor
Construction Material
Power Source
Color & Finish
Picatinny Rail w/ Reversible Pins
One Piece Aluminum (6063)
AAA Battery (not included)
Performance Waterproof
Parallax FREE
Eye Relief
Field of View
Modes of Operation
YES (submersible)
YES (Nitrogen Purged)
YES (.458 SOCOM)
7 Brightness levels
YES (outside 3yds)
35ft @ 100yds
Manual & Auto
Lower 1/3 (Mil-Spec)
Function Reticles
Turret Click Value
Windage Adj, Range
Elevation Adj. Range
Auto Shut-Off

2MOA Base ( HD7 Reticles )
2 hour
Available Flash Filter
2x Magnifier
ADM QD Retro Kit
Limited Lifetime

New Buttons for 2016
New Buttons for 2016

More Sensitive Light Sensor for 2016
More Sensitive Light Sensor for 2016


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