SC9 Compact Spotting Scope

As sportsmen, we nearly always have our eyes glued into our binoculars while in the field, either scouting or actually on the hunt. Here in the West, wide open spaces and looking for game over expansive distances is a very normal thing. As an optics company we get requests for binoculars all the time. So this year, we took up the challenge of developing a set of high quality, light weight binoculars in the B-10 10x42 ED. This set of binoculars really surpassed our expectations when the prototypes came in.

The goal with this project was to see if we could develop an optical system that is well balanced in both clarity, durability and is light weight. The B-10 10x42 ED binoculars do this very well. Weighing in at a slender 24oz, designed with an aluminum reinforced glass filled polymer open frame, utilizing high definition ED Fluoride lenses, the B-10’s truly have nothing in their price point that is a fair comparison. We also made sure that they were waterproof and fog proof.

The field of view is generous to say the least and the resolution produced has the clearest color accurate image possible. After all, when you are looking at your quarry from across a canyon, you need to be able to see well enough so you can make the decision to traverse the canyon or not.

We also added creature comforts. These are things like twist-up ergonomic eye cups, a nice neoprene cover and padded neck strap. To top it all off we added a rugged waterproof hard sided carrying case just to keep everything safe. As with all things Lucid Optics, we back them with our lifetime warranty so you have no worries on your end.

MSRP: $549  
Construction Magnification
Objective Lens
Ocular Lens Diameter
Tripod Adaptable
Rubber Armor
Construction Material
Prism Material
Color & Finish
Polymer Frame
Performance Waterproof
Lens Coating
Light Transmission
ED Fluoride Lenses
YES (Nitrogen Purged)
FBMC Multi Coated
High Definition Resolution
Function Eye Relief
Exit Pupil
Field of View
Close Focus
6.5° or 341ft @ 1000yds
Limited Lifetime
SC9 - Prong Horn

B-10 - ED Fluoride Lenses - High Definition performance
ED Fluoride Lenses - High Definition performance

B-10 - Smooth camera style focus Smooth & Precise focus

B-10 - Light Weight Open Frame Design
Light Weight Open Frame Design

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